Sunday, May 3, 2009

View From Within

I captured this scenery within Bonifacio High Street. Well the sky has majority space in this photo but, what I am trying to emphasize here is the view within Bonifacio High Street.

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8 explorer comments:

Sherrie said...

It's beautiful!! Looks like a great place for a picnic! Have a great weekend.


The Explorer said...

Hi Sherrie, thanks for visiting.

Indrani said...

I enlarged it, there is a huge rabbit(?)in there. :)

Shey said...

This place looks familiar. I think I've passed this way before. Makes me miss the Phils.

Have a happy week! :)

SASSY MOM said...

Bonfacio high street is a really a photographer's haven... a lot of beautiful things to capture.

luna miranda said...

this is my favorite tambayan nowadays. good restaurants, nice shops and grass where one could walk barefoot.:D

stan said...

i like the spaciousness which is missing in my part of the world.

The Explorer said...

Indrani --> It is not a rabbit but a silouette of a bear

Shey --> Once you got home again here, drop by at Fort Bonifacio

Sassy Mom --> You are right...c",)

luna miranda --> the place is almost perfect for me and good place just to walk and do nothing

stan --> thanks for appreciating the place

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