Friday, November 5, 2010

The Rockies At Wawa Montalban

The photos above shows the rockies part near in Wawa Dam, I haven't got picture of the place where we did the rappelling and rock climbing, what I have here are some rocks found while we are on our way to Wawa Dam, you can see there is a trail like a rock cave, one rock face of the mountain  and a huge rock near the Wawa River.

Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Fog And The Mountain At Wawa Montalban



A couple of photos of mountain with a fog

Photos above are still part of my photo collections of Wawa Montalban in Rizal last Sept 19, 2009.

Monday, November 1, 2010

A Historical Message Of The Place Named Wawa Montalban

The tablet at this ground is a sign of historical message of Wawa Montalban. I recommend to read this tablet to be aware whats the significance of the place.

Wonderful River Near From Wawa Dam

 Photos above was captured at the part of the river before Wawa Dam

Photos captured above were shot after we passed the  Wawa Dam area.


From the rocky part of the river which located just after the wawa dam water falls

The photos above were captured before the Ondoy typhoon (a 2009 typhoon that destroy lots of homes in major cities in Metro Manila and brought highest and widest floods in National Capital Region and other nearby provices in my country). Photos capture September 19, 2010. These photos were probably different right now if you come back. Like the wooden bridge that I saw and posted "Bridge to Veranda - One Of Place For Rappelling and Rock Climbing" which was destroyed and different right now.

Between Twin Mountain There Is Wawa Dam And River



The photos above were giving emphasis in the two small mountains that put the scenic river in between, this is really a different view for me because it shows uniqueness of the nature that I found in Wawa Montalban. Photos are still part of my Wawa Montalban photo collections.

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