Friday, November 5, 2010

The Rockies At Wawa Montalban

The photos above shows the rockies part near in Wawa Dam, I haven't got picture of the place where we did the rappelling and rock climbing, what I have here are some rocks found while we are on our way to Wawa Dam, you can see there is a trail like a rock cave, one rock face of the mountain  and a huge rock near the Wawa River.

6 explorer comments:

Carolyn Ford said...

What a beautiful gorge! Wow!

Leah said...

Sa Montalban? The fourth picture, is that a cave? Gusto ko yung unang picture.. hehe.. simple lang.

Happy Scenic Sunday. My entry is all about flowers.

Here's mine.

leafdj said...

Stumbled in from BC-
Beautiful pictures! Not something you see everyday where I live. Was a nice change from the pine trees and the snow.

Nazmiş Teyze said...

great photos:)

iyogi computer support said...

Nice Shot

jeannette said...

The cave looks very intriguing! Must have been a great hiking trip!

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