Thursday, July 9, 2009

Sunset From Anawangin

Here are my shots of sunset while at Anawangin beach. (This is part of Anawangin and not from island hopping collection).

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Mag-Basa Sa Tubig (Get Wet Into The Water)

Ang mga larawang nasa itaas sa post na ito ay kuha nuong kami ay naglibot sa mga isla na malapit sa Anawangin, Zambales. Ang mga taong nasa larawan ay mga kasamahan ko sa pamumundok na kasalukuyang nagsasaya sa isla ng Capones.

(The photos above in this post were captured during island hopping near in Anawangin, Zambales. The people included in this post are my co-mountaineers which currently enjoying Capones Island.)

The Light House At Kamara Island (Part 2)

The Old Light House at Kamara Island.

Monday, July 6, 2009

Traveling With "Bangka" (Small Boat)

Here are some human concept photos that I captured which I do not used to do. To be honest I have few pictures from my Anawangin collection when it comes to people (but this does not mean I do not like photos of people - maybe I am more focus on the nature and places), who knows I may surprise everyone that the next theme I have here are people in my country.

Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anawangin View From Kamara Island

Here is one of the photo which shows Anawangin from Kamara Island and a nice small boat with a touch of yellow color on it.

Out to Kamara Island

Series of photos above were captured while on our way to Kamara island. I knew some photos are not that look good for some reasons: we were riding a small boat (called "bangka"), we are exposed to the heat of the sun (around 11 AM to 12 PM), the moist of the sea water blocking my digital camera screen to get clear shot and I have to wipe it with my bare fingers and we are fast approaching the island which so difficult to take a still shot (I knew I don't have to explain...but I wanted to explain to justify the result of images that I got...c",) )

These are just part of Kamara Island, we landed at the other part of it where the lighthouse stands.

Leaving Anawangin For Island Hopping

Here are few photos while leaving Anawangin.

The Light House At Kamara Island (Part 1)

The Old Light House at Kamara Island.

Island View (Part 1)

Here is one of the rock island we pass while we are on our way to Kamara Island. Photo captured last March 29, 2009. This is one of my island hopping photo collection around Anawangin.

Up Close and Personal With The Lone Rock Island

This is the lone rock island I was looking at while at Anawangin Beach. But this time, it is more up close and personal.

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