Sunday, July 5, 2009

Anawangin View From Kamara Island

Here is one of the photo which shows Anawangin from Kamara Island and a nice small boat with a touch of yellow color on it.

9 explorer comments:

~Just me again~ said...

Very nice, it looks so peaceful there.

Martha in PA said...


My Mellow Yellow Monday - Goes to Philly

at the cottage said...

Very pretty, I love photos on the water :)

Thank you


Nukke said...

What a beautiful Bay and the mountains behind !

Itajeff @Something To Share said...

Great shot mellow yellow..
Happy Monday

Lots of luv,

fickle said...

Philippines is so beautiful!

Happy Monday!

I played, too here!

Bacolod and Beyond said...

wow, I like the yellow boat, already missed Phil.

Mary said...

A marvelous catch of yellow in a sea of blue. Nice!

Lindy MacDuff said...

It looks so relaxing there. Very beautiful.

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