Saturday, March 21, 2009

Lonely Tree

Lonely Tree near at the summit of Gulugod-Baboy Mountain

Lonely Tree and Lonely Cow near at the summit of Gulugod-Baboy Mountain

Sunrise at the Summit of Gulugod-Baboy Mountain

Sunrise photos at the Summit of Gulugod-BaboyMountain
in Mabini, Batangas Philippines
during our climb last Oct 25 to Oct 26, 2008

Las Islas Filipinas

I created a new blog to portray my own world through images. I may not be telling a story of experiences here since my other blog already addressing that purpose. "Las Islas Filipinas" means "The Philippine Islands" and the title itself explains that this blog will focus in my own country. This blog will also serve as my world photo blog. I created this blog so that I can force myself to practice photography. Although I do not have high end cameras for now (but I will do my best to have one next time) and I never study photography, a lot of panoramic photos that I saw (some photos were mine, some were from friends and others from different blogger) made me inspire to take my own photo and put it in a blog. I also realized that photography is a great hobby that I may pursue as my next career in life (well who knows what going to happen to us next day?). Until then.

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