Tuesday, May 5, 2009

"Specific Gravity" Art Structure - Fort Bonifacio Global City Tourist Spot - Part 2

The above photos were captured last April 25, 2009. The photos below were captured last April 10, 2009. See the difference?

"Specific Gravity" by Reg Yuson

Another art structure that became a tourist spot inside Bonifacio High Street.

To view the art display (or smaller version) of "Specific Gravity" that I found in art exhibit, please see "Specific Gravity" - Fort Bonifacio Global City Art - Part 2

10 explorer comments:

Bonnie Bonsai said...

That is the most AWESOME and CREATIVE thing I have ever seen! Good on you! It makes Einstein come alive! What will happen to Watery Wednesday without Gravity?

Photo Cache said...

That is pretty cool addition to that place. I'm sure this one's a big hit with young ones and the young at heart.

My entry is here:


Norm said...

wow! unique tourist spot in my beloved country Phil, hope I can visit that place..

James said...

wow, that is so cool. I've never seen anything like it before.
Good Watery post.

Bryan said...

This is an interesting piece of work. In science, specific gravity is the ratio of the density of an object to the density of water, so that an object with SG greater than 1 will sink and one with a SG less than 1 will float.

Instead of sinking or floating, the rock stays still and from time to time drops water from it.

I get the feeling the title doesn't actually refer to the scientific term, but to gravity itself as the rock is perilously held in the air with counteracting forces. Viewers are also drawn to the work of art, which can also be considered gravity.

The Explorer said...

Bryan --> You are actually right. The art does not really comply to the scientific term of Specific Gravity.

Your last notes actually meant what it is.

Tulip said...

awesome pictures of watery wednesday. how i love to shower under the big stone.

mimi said...

such a beautiful falls.

Hilda said...

I absolutely love this fountain-sculpture! I'm always tempted to play under it though. Do you think I'll get kicked out of BGC if I do that? ;)

The Explorer said...

Bonnie Bonsai --> A very creative mind of the artist

Photo Cache --> every people who visit Bonifacio High Street used to stop by to take a closer look of this wonderful art. And you are definitely right.

Norm --> you are always welcome like me to visit this place.

James --> thanks

Tulip --> I wish I can do that too but unfortunately I am not sure if someone will stop me from doing that...c",)

Hilda --> I am not sure too..c",)

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