Saturday, May 9, 2009

"Bearable Lightness" Art Structure - Fort Bonifacio Global City Tourist Spot - Part 6

"Bearable Lightness" by Reg Yuson and Ronaldo Achacoso

This art is quite unique because I was wondering how the whole body can stand in balance wherein the support is just on one side. Another wonderful spot to enjoy inside the Bonifacio High Street.

To view the art display I found in art exhibit similar to this structure, visit "Bearable Lightness" Fort Bonifacio Global City Art Part 6.

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Bryan said...

There are so many interesting pieces of art in this area. This is something I may not see in my lifetime, so I really appreciate being able to see them here.

PS - My last Skywatch photo is indeed a photo of a train station. It and the other four stations in the Cinque Terre area in Italy are surrounded by absolute beauty.

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