Monday, May 4, 2009

A Child In Red...So Innocent

It seems I got another photo with the subject of human again...c",)

Well I was lucky because I found this one. I had some hard times to look for a photo with red colors from my collections of Bonifacio High Street. I have other photos but the color seems to be red orange and I am not sure if it will pass the rules for Ruby Tuesday photo meme.

I capture this photo because I was curious what this kid plan to do. But I waited for few minutes and he just stand there looking to his family. I hope his family will not be furious with me by taking this snapshot without their permission. This photo still part of my Bonifacio High Street collection to align to my own photo theme of the week.

Ruby Tuesday

15 explorer comments:

Ralph said...

Red is a great color for kids, especially boys. I do not know why...but he is cute wearing Spiderman, almost too cute for description. Wonderful!

ellen b said...

What a sweet looking child! Happy Ruby Tuesday!

busy91 said...

He looks like he's about to get into mischief! LOL! Great Ruby Shot.

Roger said...

He looks like he about to jump in the water.

Jeri said...

Great RT shot - he sure is a cutie in his red shirt!

Arlene said...

he is so cute in red shirt. when i was younger and smaller red clothes are my fave.

have you seen red dates? come by!

Marie Reed said...

So innocent and sooo cute!

Bryan said...

Red shirt with Spider-man decorating the front. There's not much in the world that can beat that.

luna miranda said...

he looks lost.:D

maryt/theteach said...

Red comes in all colors, Explorer! You've done a great job! Sweet, innocent kid. Perfect for Ruby Tuesday! :)

srp said...

He is adorable... was it raining? I can see little boys loving to stand out in the rain! Very nice!

Mine is here.

Amanda Guthrie said...

That's ok humans in red are great to post and look at.

sunnymama said...

What a little sweetie in his red t-shirt!

Karen ~Georgia Angel said...

Sweet child in red. Great shot! Thanks for sharing.

The Explorer said...

Thanks for all kind comments and seeing the child as what I see it.

Ralph --> he is indeed cute for me..c",)

ellen b

busy91 --> maybe you are right...c",)

Roger --> well, even he jumps he will just probably get slide due to wet ground.

Jeri --> I was glad that you agreed with me.

Arlene --> I saw your blog and it amazes me too

Maria Reed --> very innocent

Bryan --> Now I discovered that you are spiderman fanatic...c",)

luna miranda --> ...but his family is just around

mary/theteach --> thanks so much

srp --> its not raining, there is a falls coming from the art structure in that park where he was near

Amanda Guthrie, sunnymama and Karen --> thanks for appreciating

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