Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Water Falls From Wawa Dam

The above photos were different snapshos I captured while enjoying the view of the water falls from Wawa Dam. These photos are still part of my Wawa Montalban photo collection, captured last September 2009.

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Bridge To Veranda - One Of Place For Rappelling And Rock Climbing

The above photo was the wooden hanging bridge. The bridge to "Veranda", part of Wawa Montalban where most mountaineers or adventurers having fun with the rocks. This photo was captured last September 20, 2009 as part of my Wawa Montalban photo collection.

On The Way to Wawa Dam

Here is my snapshot with my group, on our way to Wawa Dam, where a beautiful scenery is just waiting for us. This photo still part of my Wawa Montalban collection.

Wawa Dam - Still With Magnificent Aura

This Wawa Dam snapshot that I captured during Basic Rappelling Course help by my mountaineering group held last September 2009 was one of my favorite photo because I like the view of water flowing. Because its a capturing a moment - the moment of water flow

Bridge To Wawa Dam And A New Heights For Basic Rappell

The above photos are the snapshots I captured when we setup the rappelling stuff for our basic rappelling course. The bridge located at the front side of the flowing water of Wawa Dam. The coursed was conducted together with our certified rappelling instructors, one is member of the mountaineering group and one was invited to share his knowledge in basic rappelling.

All these photos captured last Sept 19, 2009. These are part of my Wawa photo collection.

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