Sunday, December 13, 2009

Looking Beyond Batangas And More

The photos above are some scenery that can be found while trekking Mount Maculot in Batangas. The climb held last June 13 to 14, 2009 as part of our both fun and historical first freedom or independence day climb.

8 explorer comments:

eileeninmd said...

Nice scenic photos!

Quilt Works said...

Beautiful mountains - what a lovely view

... I shared my views of "Fresh Snow"

Budget Traveler said...

wow! congratulations on your climb.. how high is Mt Maculot?

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Lorac said...

That's an amazing view! Gorgeous!

Lawstude said...

a buddy of mine raves a lot about maculot. cool mountain shots. :)

Manang Kim said...

Lovely clear sky!!

Clear Sky

Serendipity said...

That's a lovely view!

Photo Cache said...

Verdant sights. I bet the air is really fresh up there.

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