Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Jump-off Area - Cuenca Batangas Municipality Building

This is the place where we prepared ourself before climbing Mount Maculot. The mountain behind this building (which cannot be seen in this photo) is Mount Maculot itself. This is the municipality building of Cuenca, in Batangas province.

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Sherrie said...

The Sepia gives it some age, like it's been there forever. Have a great day!

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maryt/theteach said...

Was it a very difficult climb? Good photo, good sepia tone! :)

meds09 said...

Thank you for sharing your pictures.
You are all invited to visit Lipa City pre-fiesta activities and on Fiesta Day too which will be on January 20, 2010.
Lots of dancing, shows, trade fair and exhibits.
Lipa City is also famous for pilgrimages and religious tourism.
Whether it be religious tourism, beaches and ocean resorts, lakeside resorts and inland resorts -- good food and good company... Batangas has it all.

misa said...

I think that architect of the police station and this municipality building in Cuenca are really good.. Nice photograph.

lito said...

ang dami talgang mgagandang lugar sa batangas

im proud to be batangueno

mazzini said...

Dami na talagang magandang lugar sa batangas, lalo na sa Santo Tomas,San Juan at Taal.

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