Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Greenery Part Of Mount Anawangin

What makes the mountain beautiful? In a tropical country like Philippines, mountain is beautiful if the whole part of it are green (either trees, bushes, grass makes the mountain green). When we climb Mount Anawangin, grass is less around the mountain due to fires just recently happened. I am not sure if the fire happened is one of the periodic fire happening in that mountain. I know that the fire initiated or periodic fire in a forest has a good objective to give way to the new plants, grass or trees to grow. And this give also another cycle of nutrients to the soil and to the plants receiving enough sunlight.

I love the top photo because it reminds me, that part of mountain has lots of trees which is a good sign of a healthy mountain.

3 explorer comments:

bobbie said...

Lovely photos! I do love the mountains. And you are right about the way the greenery is renewed after a fire. There were some terrible fires in Big Sur this year, but my daughter's pictures show the new green returning to the redwoods already.

amanda said...

Very pretty, the healthier the landscape the better our air and everything around us, great post!

Rambling Woods said...

Oh what a beautiful area. I don't live in a area where we have fires like you speak of, but it is interesting to know that the fires do have some natural purpose if not started by man. Thank you for contributing to Think Green Thursday..Michelle From Rambling Woods

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