Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Glimpse Of Anawangin Beach Resort

Here is the introduction post for my weekly theme this week "Anawangin Beach Resort - The Prize We Got After The Climb". For me the prize is worthy. My group of mountaineering can actually come here by boat but we chose to trek the mountain. After we reached this beach cove from climbing Mount Anawangin, we all felt relieved and relax. I am tired from the climb but after seeing this view, it all gone.

5 explorer comments:

just jody said...

beautiful shot. congratulation on your climb. being in this spot is a prize itself.

Jacqui said...

I love this photo - and the thought of such a climb makes we want to dive into that sea and cool off in the woderful shade.

Marty Mason said...

How lucky you are so see and photograph this beautiful place. Thanks for sharing your pictures.

Terry said...

wow what a beautiful place to climb.
What a fabulous place to photograph.
Thank you for sharing all the amazing photos .
Each one is so very beautiful.
Happy Trails

MsRay said...

I haven't been to Zambales yet but I've read that it has beautiful beaches.

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