Friday, May 1, 2009

Moments With Philippine Eagles - Camera Critters

Philippine National Bird - Philippine Eagle

Philippines Eagle photos were captured at Philippine Eagle Center located at Malagos, Calinan, Davao City last March 2, 2009 (still part of my adventure in Davao). When I see Philippine eagle, whether from television or for real, I always admire these raptors especially if their wings spread wide open, when they are like this, they look so strong.

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10 explorer comments:

fishing guy said...

Explorer: What a neat bird, I would like to see it fly free.

Coca Cutie said...

Its the first time i'm seeing one of this. Thanks for sharing :)

Tulip said...

that's nice you have pictures of philippine eagle, i have too but i have to scan it cause that was long time ago already. happy weekend.

Mimi said...


Karen said...

What a majestic bird !!!

Bonnie Bonsai said...

Am not sure if I had seen one in Quezon City Aviary. They sure look majestic!

Me said...

I wish I could see them.. thanks for sharing the pics. have a nice weekend! Regard, Mama's Words

Vicky said...

This eagle is waiting to soar high in the sky but can he?!

have a blessed week.

Indrani said...

Majestic in its looks.

The Explorer said...

fishing guy --> If you see them fly, you will fall in love with that raptor.

Cocal Cutie --> You're welcome. I have the same feeling viewing the other blogs and never see them for real.

Tulip --> I like Philippine Eagle. Their looks so stunning especially if they are big and their wings spread wide open

Mimi, Karen, Indrani --> I appreciate the comments

Bonnie --> They are indeed majestic. Thanks again for visiting my blog

Vicky --> I am glad you asked it. Those eagle that I captured in my photos are being take care, either they are not big enough or got sick but they are being freed in due time.

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