Friday, May 15, 2009

Animal Plants At Market! Market! Mall

Well, I am not really sure if the animal above is camel,
anyone can correct me if I am wrong

Young Deer?










I used to see these animal shape plants everyday when I go to work. It amazes me because the plants were shape differently and this requires maintenance for the gardener itself. And this also shows a creative way of gardening.

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Indrani said...

This is unique!
I like the concept. :)

Jedediah said...

I don't trust those animal-shaped plants ever since reading Stephen King's Shining... But that's just me - they look great, especially the elephant.

Joy said...

And they certainly make for interesting photos!

Joy, via Camera Critters

Sue said...

Very cool photos. I would love to see those sculptures.

Thanks for sharing

Melanie D said...

They look like giant chia pets!!!

Babooshka said...

Have you ever read the Shining. You would be very afraid of these if you have. Excellent lateral thinking.

Teena in Toronto said...

Ha! Those are definitely camera critters!

I played too :)

Kendris said...

Interesting variant on topiaries. Thanks for sharing!

Snap said...

I love topiaries. I haven't seen any like these before ... great! Thank you!

i beati said...

so cool thnaks for sharing wish I had the entire experience Sandy

Bryan said...

These are quite awesome. The Rhino may be my favorite.

Karen said...

Those are very cool !!!

And yes, I think the first one is a camel.. :-)

storyteller said...

What FUN to see these topiary critters ;--)
Hugs and blessings,

Russ said...

Those are really neat!

Bruce said...

Wow, very nice animal plants!

Anya said...

Its fantastic:)
Never seen before, I love it :)

Anonymous said...

nice pics.
may i know the exact location of this tourist attraction?

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