Thursday, April 16, 2009

Sunrise At The Mount Apo Summit - Skywatch

Due to clouds at the summit, this was the photo that I got as a souvenir from its peak.

To enjoy other amazing Skywatch photos around the world, please visit Skywatch Friday home site.

5 explorer comments:

Arija said...

Great clouded sun. What an adventure you are having.

The Explorer said...

This is the most dangerous adventure I had so far...especially in boulder part of the mountains

ViennaDaily said...

SUch intense fogginess! Beautifully captured!

Pearl Maple said...

Beautiful photo for Sky Watch Friday, we do like to see the sky in all kinds of different moods and angles.

The Explorer said...

Vienna, thank you for visiting my blog. Pearl, you are right lovely sky photos amazed me too. Thanks for visiting

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